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Kings Heath Park to lose Gardeners Weekend

Kings Heath Park is set to lose ‘Gardeners Weekend as Birmingham City Council looks to save £60,000. The annual event has been held at the park for the last 20 years and is much loved by local residents. Councillor Martin Mullaney, the minister behind the policy said “The problem we have is the weekend at … Continue reading

Where have the poop scoop bags gone???

As a dog owner and therefore walker I couldn’t help notice that over the last two months the free poop scoop bags which used to be provided at Highbury Park, Kings Heath have become conspicuous by their absence. Speaking to people in the park, some felt that the missing bags had led to less people … Continue reading

Stop The Cuts

London, Budget Protest, 23/03/11, Videos, Photos.

A protest march from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament took place last Wednesday to protest against Chancellor George Osborne’s first budget. We headed down to London to see what the protesters had to say. Trafalgar Square, 5 PM, protesters begin to gather. Groups represented at the protest included: CND (Campaign For Nuclear Disarmanment). … Continue reading

Budget Cuts: Publicise the Protest

Budget Cuts: Publicise the Protest. March 26th 2011 a mass demonstration is planned in London. Organised in the main by the TUC (Trades Union Congress), the protest is an opportunity for anybody affected by recent budget announcments, to show the government the depth of feeling they have against the cuts. A lot of information about … Continue reading

Highbury Park

Highbury Park Development, A Misspending Of Taxpayers Money?

On Tue 1st March Birmingham City Council agreed to budget cuts of £212m, leading to the loss of 2,450 jobs. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-12616144 At the same time, and in the two weeks since, work on the development of a play area in Highbury Park, Kings Heath commenced. Birmingham Budget Cuts visited the park to ask its visitors … Continue reading

Bham against the cuts

Birmingham, International Women’s Day, Budget Cuts, Photos.

International Women’s Day, Saturday 5th March, Birmingham City Centre. On its 100th anniversary the topic on the lips of most of the women, attending the Birmingham event, was budget cuts. Gathering at the foot of Victoria square the women in attendance banged pots and pans, sang protest songs and took it in turns to address … Continue reading

Stop The Cuts

BCU ‘Stop The Cuts’ Protest Photos

Birmingham City University, outside the library, 12:30, ‘Stop The Cuts’ protest. A disappointing turnout for a protest against the cuts that Birmingham City University will be facing. Only a handful of students, a few lecturers and some TUC members turned up for this protest at the Perry Barr campus. Flyers were handed out, petitions signed … Continue reading

Digbeth Ikon to close due to cuts

Just seen a link to an article on ‘Digbeth Is Good’ blog, saying that the Ikon Eastside is set to close More on this later and i’ll be reporting from the closing down gigs 7-9th April.


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